AeroLoc 200-1000 Series

AeroLoc 200-1000 Series have a cross-recess head style with plain hole fixings.

AeroLoc quarter turn fasteners are grip range sensitive. To select the required stud size you will need to establish the Grip. This is the panel and frame thickness combined: P + F = G (see Fig 1)

Once you have determined your grip size (G), select a stud part number from Table 1 below.


Specifying your AeroLoc

1. Refer to Table 1 and select the part number for your grip (G).

2. Configure assembly part numbers (see Fig 2): 

  • Stud 
  • Shim (if required) 
  • Receptacle


Table 1: AeroLoc standard grip range

200-1xxx series.jpg Fig 1
aeroloc size chart 200-1000 series.jpg Table 1: Dimensions mm (in)

Table 2: AeroLoc large grip range

AeroLoc is now available in larger grip ranges. Only refer to 'Table 2' for grip ranges larger than 11.95mm.

These larger grip ranges lengths use the 205-3000 receptacle, rather than the standard 205-1000 receptacle.

Not sure what to order?

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aeroloc size chart 200-1000 series(long lengths).jpg Table 2: For grip ranges longer than 11.95mm only. Dimensions mm (in)

Ordering your AeroLoc

Example Order 1:

Grip (G) = 4mm

200-1007 : Cross recess, plain fixing

205-9015 : Shim 1.5mm

205-1000 : Receptacle

Example Order 2:

Grip (G) = 7mm

200-1009 : Cross recess, plain fixing

Shim : No shim required

205-1000 : Receptacle