AeroLoc applications

STORM - Around the World in 80 days

STORM have just completed a round-the-world tour on a self-developed, electric motorcycle. On November 2nd 2016, the team were welcomed back to the University of Technology (TU/e), Eindhoven, after covering 23,000 kilometres in just 80 days.

23 students from the university embarked on the world tour which covered Europe, Asia and the United States. The prove to the world that the future of mobility is electric by driving 23,000 km without local emissions. 

To cover 23,000 km, STORM Eindhoven had to create a motorcycle that could hold a huge amount of energy but also create an application where this energy could be replenished by the driver...introducing STORM Wave.

STORM Wave uses an interchangeable modular battery pack that is secured on the bodywork 5 bail handle AeroLocĀ®, allowing the driver to have quick and easy access when the energy needs replenishing. 

For more information on STORM Eindhoven and the technology behind this world touring electric motorcycle, visit their website:

Chevron B19 race car - Loaded Gunn

Below is a selection of photographs showing the hand operated, bail handle version of AeroLoc, as a quick release option for the air filter of a Chevron B19 race car. All of these images were taken at Loaded Gunn's workshop. Loaded Gunn Racing is a collaboration between Sports 2000 stalwart Jonathan Loader and engineer Gary Gunn. Their company, Loaded Gunn build and renovate a wide range of classic cars and have produced many race winning combinations as a result.

Click on the link below to view their website...

img_5314rs.jpg Chevron B19 built by Loaded Gunn, raced by Jonathan Loader
img_5213rs.jpg AeroLoc Bail Handle style, installed on air filter
img_5193rs.jpg AeroLoc quarter turn fasteners - bail handle head style with plain hole fixings

Jedi Mk6 build - Dan Clowes

Below are a few workshop pictures of the Jedi Mk6. The bodywork has been fitted with the tool operated, cross recess version of AeroLoc.   

img_5353rs.jpg AeroLoc quarter turn fastener - cross recess head style with plain hole fixings
20160405_165948rs.jpg AeroLoc receptacle (205-1000)